A Contest for Recycled Art in Middlesex County

eco friendly artTo promote recycling among the school children in Middlesex County, the officials from Woodbridge Environmental Commission have organized an art recycling contest. This contest, known as the Woodbridge Township Recycled Art, was announced in the month of April, 2013, and the students from middle and elementary school were allowed to take part in this competition.

A unique art contest

The Woodbridge Township Recycled Art contest is different from other kind of art events, as all the participants had to make their entries using recycled materials for this competition. The students are allowed to use all types of eco friendly promotional items such as recycled plastic, paper, and even wood to create works of art.

Once the competition is over, the organizers of this event are going to display the artwork of all the participants in the Town Hall, and they are also going to announce the winners of the competition at this venue. According to the organizers, the school children in the region have sent in very impressive entries for the competition, and they are going to have a hard time choosing the winner for this competition. The organizers also stated that they might make this competition an annual event, as a lot of the school children seem to be interested in recycled art.

Using attractive prizes to promote eco friendly promotional items in art

To attract more and more students to take part in the competition, the organizers have offered a lot of attractive prizes for the winners of the contest. The child who wins the first prize in this contest will win a Nintendo Wii Console, and the second prize winner will receive an Xbox 360. In addition to this, the third prize winner will receive an iPod Touch.

As an organization, Woodbridge aims at promoting eco-friendly behavior and sustainability. The officials from the organization felt that a competition would be a good way to promote their values among the children, and so they have organized this contest. According to the officials from the Woodbridge Environmental Commission, the children actively took part in this competition because of the prizes. One of the officials stated that children need motivation to recycle their belongings, and electronic gadgets are the best form of motivation for the present generation. He stated that parents should also make similar efforts to encourage recycling among their kids, so that they can eventually integrate recycling in their mundane routine.

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