Rental Dumpster Facility Helps in Eco Friendly Disposal of Waste Materials

At some point of time all of us face the problem of getting rid of garbage, especially when there is a large quantity to dispose off. At such times, dumpster rental companies such as RhodeIslands’ ‘Dumpster Deliveries’ prove to be a blessing since they have the ability to take care of our garbage woes effectively. … [Read more...]

St. Helena likely to Promote Wholesale Custom Totes

With the rising need to minimize the pressure on the environment and preserve natural resources, several cities have imposed a ban on the utilization of plastic bags and have started promoting the use of eco-friendly reusable tote bags instead. St. Helena could be the next city to join the bandwagon. … [Read more...]

‘My Eco’ Program Calls People to Use their Own Wholesale Custom Shopping Bags

Plastic bags and single use bags are adversely affecting the ecological balance of our environment. In an attempt to curb their usage and promote the use of reusable bags in Massachusetts, MY ECO came up with an innovative solution that will take off in September, 2013. Partnering with Shaw’s supermarket, MY ECO will provide local schools or charities with donations as an incentive to shoppers for … [Read more...]

Cupertino Ready to Welcome Plastic Bag Ban with Wholesale Green Bags

From this October, residents of Cupertino will open up to an eco friendly approach with reusable bags. The city will be the latest addition of Santa Clara County to go green by banning plastic bags. The proposal has been passed and the city is getting all geared up for the ban. … [Read more...]

Art Contest Makes Use of Wholesale Custom Tote Bags

One of the most innovative measures in bringing about awareness with regard to reduction of waste as well as reuse and recycling of products is the ‘Trash to Treasure’ art contest’, an annual event held in Allen County. This competition brings together like-minded individuals of different ages, all interested in protecting the environment by putting forth useful articles made from trash.  … [Read more...]

Successful Recycling Event of Wholesale Eco Bags by Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout National Jamboree recently organized a recycling event. This event was a grand success as the volunteers, staff members, and boy scouts showed active participation as well as recycled a large amount of trash. … [Read more...]

Dell Trying to Make its Packaging Material Recyclable

Dell has managed to stand by its eco friendly goals. The corporate sustainability report of 2013 revealed that Dell was successful in making around 75 percent of its packaging materials of notebooks, and desktops either recyclable or compostable. … [Read more...]

Stylish Eco Friendly Shopping Bags to Replace Plastic Bags

Following the footsteps of many other cities of U.S, San Francisco and California too have implemented the plastic bag ban. Though it has been a long time since the implementation, the ban is still getting mixed reactions from the residents of these cities. … [Read more...]

Locally Sourced Food for Kids

Every parent knows what a pain it can be to get children to try healthy food. The New Horizon Academy, however, is making this possible across its 62 centers, and introducing healthy and locally sourced food to 7,500 students. They believe that unless children are introduced to eco friendly food, they will never try it. … [Read more...]

House Tour Featuring Sustainable Homes

The GreenBuilt Home Tours showcases houses within Northern Illinois that have been built using sustainable materials and processes. This week, they are featuring 16 homes, including the residence of the Lewandowskis – This would be the first house in La Grange that is hoping to achieve LEED certification. The tour will take place immediately after the last inspection for the certification. … [Read more...]

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