A Corpus Christi School Awarded for Recycling Waste into Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

awardTo reduce the plastic waste in the city, the city council in Corpus Christi came up with an exciting recycling competition for school students in the city. During the competition, students from various schools had to collect single-use plastic bags or plastic waste from the streets of the city, and the school with the highest collection rate was awarded in the end.

A competition with a purpose

This competition started in the month of November 2012, and it was organized solely for the students belonging to the Independent School District of Corpus Christi. Close to 14 schools took part in this competition, and the students from these schools were able to collect approximately 200,000 single-use plastic bags from the various areas of the city. The organizers of this competition were happy that so many schools children participated in it, and they are planning on organizing similar eco-friendly competitions in the future as well.

Crockett Elementary School awarded for recycling custom reusable shopping bags

The school that won this competition with a staggering collection of approximately 76,731 bags was the Crockett Elementary School. The organizers of the competition congratulated the school authorities for collecting the highest number of single-use plastic bags and encouraging the usage of custom reusable shopping bags among their students. The school was awarded a symbolic park bench made out of 10,000 recycled plastic bags. This park bench was designed by Trex, a company that recycles used plastic into eco-friendly items. The park bench has been placed in the playing area of the school.

The school authority’s response to the award

The officials from the Crockett Elementary School were delighted to receive the first position in the competition. The officials stated that they were very happy with the results as the collection process was carried out only by the first grade students of the school, and they did not expect to win. The school feels that such competitions help in educating the students in a realistic way. The officials stated that while collecting the plastic bags from the city streets, the students realized the need to recycle and the need to dispose their waste properly. The school authorities are planning on introducing similar educational projects and competitions in their regular school schedule as well. This will help students understand the benefits of recycling and protecting their environment.

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