A Metal Recycling Company in Jackson Expands Its Operations to Waverly

recycleA metal recycling company based in Jackson has taken the decision to spread its operations in Waverly as well. This company is going to open its recycling facility in Waverly in the coming two months, and this center is going to create 500 new jobs for the residents in this region. According to the officials from the company, this new facility will drastically reduce the wastage of metal in Waverly, and they are hoping that the residents will cooperate with them in order to achieve their goals.

The city authorities support the company

In order to support the initiatives taken up by the company, the city authorities in Waverly joined the officials from Echo Environmental Waverly to make the announcement regarding the new facility. Once the facility starts its operations, the officials from Echo Environment Waverly will help in adding 12 working positions to the facility. According to Mike Hyman Rosenberger, the Chief Operating Officer for Echo, this facility will give a lot of the local residents an opportunity to get back to work. At present, Waverly has a high rate of unemployment, and so this facility will prove to be a blessing for the city.

According to Governor John Kasich, the jobs generated in the city will benefit the residents as well as the city council. He feels that the city is progressing in the right direction, and in the coming one year, the unemployment rate within the city will stabilize as well. The city council of Waverly agrees with Governor Kasich’s point of view, and they are waiting for the company to start its operations in the region.

Promoting eco friendly promotional items through recycling

The metal recycling company that is expanding its operations to Waverly was established in collaboration with the Ohio Precious Metals, located in Jackson, and the Texas based NTR Metals. This company is planning on entering the European market so that it will be able to process approximately 30 million tons of metal scrap every year.

According to Hyman, the company will take close to two years to build this facility at Waverly. At present, the company has formulated a five year plan according to which it should be able to use all the space in the facility to boost the generation of eco friendly promotional items in this time frame. Furthermore, this plan suggests that the company will have an annual pay roll of approximately $5 million in this time frame as well.


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