A Recycling Event at Kingsport

eco friendlyThe Clean-up, Pick-up, and Recycle event, or the CPR event – as more popularly known by the residents of Kingston, is one of the events that the residents look forward to the most. This two-week event helps the residents to get rid of unused items in their homes and clean their homes better. 

A Useful Recycling Event for the Residents

This recycling event was designed with the aim of keeping the town clean, and has been held for more than a quarter of a century now. Through this event, the residents get the opportunity to clean out their basements and backyards better, and can throw out almost anything from unused electronic goods to a small number of building materials. But they are generally requested not to put out hazardous material like propane or paint cans. Leaf collection also takes place during this two-week event. The pickup days remain the same as the regular trash collection days.

The residents look forward to this event so much that they frequently call the officials to know when it is going to be held. The garbage collections during these two weeks are generally 20-30% more than normal weeks. To know when the scheduled garbage collection day is, the residents can go to the public works website, or call the official number of the public works department.

Eco Friendly Promotional Items Encouraged During the Event

During the Clean-up, Pick-up, and Recycle event, the items that are allowed to be put out by the residents include eco friendly promotional items like useless furniture, wood materials, useless pieces of equipment, and even building materials. Also, the pickup crews will pick up a maximum of four tires from every household, and will not pick up materials left by contractors. The amount of construction materials that can be picked up has a certain limit and households will have to pay an extra charge if they want to get rid of construction materials more than the specified amount.

For complete information on which household items are acceptable for the landfill, the residents can call 224-2475. Residents can also dispose of computer items like keyboards, hard drives, computer monitors, or fax machines. But these should be deposited at Kingsport Transfer Station at Brookside Drive.

The CPR initiative is taken by the Kingsport sanitation division to increase awareness among the residents as well as to keep the town clean. As a result, the residents take spring cleaning a little more seriously and make better efforts to get rid of their garbage.

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