A School Conducts Aluminum Can Recycle Campaign

recycleHolly Springs Elementary school has taken part in a nationwide scheme called the Great American Can Roundup. As part of this initiative, the school is inviting the local community to contribute aluminum cans for recycling. The money obtained from the sale of these cans would be used by the school for education related activities.

An initiative taken by Holly Springs Elementary School

The school has participated in the nationwide campaign called the Great American Can Roundup that promotes partnership between communities and schools to collect and sell aluminum cans and use the money obtained by selling them. The school is located in Holly Springs at 1965, Hickory Road and people living around that area can dispose their aluminum cans in the recycling bin placed at the school. Holly Springs has also collaborated with Cherokee Bank which has placed bins for collection of cans in the lobbies of three of its branches. The branches are located at 159, Woodstock Square Avenue, Woodstock, 3595, Marietta Highway at Canton, and 1275, Riverstone Parkway.

Once the community recycles cans by donating them at various locations across the city, the cans will be sold and the money collected from selling them will be used by the school for fulfilling their education related requirements. The organization behind this campaign is the Can Manufacturers Institute, which also conducts other community projects like the School Recycling Challenge. Holly Springs was one among the six schools from Georgia that had participated in this challenge last year.

To win this challenge, a school has to collect the most number of aluminum cans in the country between the period of November 15, 2012, which is the America Recycles Day, and April 22, 2013, which is the Earth Day. The school that becomes the national champion will be awarded a cash prize of $5,000, while the state champion for each of the 50 states and also the District of Columbia stands to win $1,000.

Eco friendly promotional items in schools

Recycling programs held in schools are beneficial for the school as well as the environment. Recycling programs help to educate students about caring for the environment and about the importance of using eco friendly promotional items. They also provide students with hands-on ways in which they can positively contribute towards sustainability through programs that unite them with their surrounding community. Schools can save on costs of waste collection by reducing the amount of waste they generate, which can be done with the help of a recycling program. They can even help generate revenue for the school. By reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, schools help in creating a greener future.

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