A Unique Way to Recycle Your Phones

Recycle Your Phones
Kiosks that work like ATMs

The gadget freaks who do not like the idea of spending too much time online, looking for recyclers for their unwanted electric goods, can make use of the EcoATM. These kiosks can be easily found in any of the 15 suburban malls across the Chicago area.

Using the kiosk is pretty simple. The user has to insert the gadget inside the kiosk bin. There are cameras integrated inside the bin that would identify the phone and check if it is functioning and damage-free. A robot inside the kiosk would then present a USB cable which can exactly fit the phone. This cable will have to be hooked into the phone to determine the closest resale rate for the phone in market. The machine would then hand out the exact amount in cash. All of this happens in real time, and the entire transaction would take about 3 minutes.

EcoATMs promoting eco friendly promotional items

About 75% of the devices collected in the EcoATMs are renovated to be used by a new owner. The rest are sent for recycling. The market for used phones is pretty huge these days, as most people are willing to try out eco friendly promotional items.

There are around 305 EcoATMs widely in use across 20 states. With about 6 billion mobile subscribers, including a majority of the new phone buyers who live on a meager salary, EcoATM is a great option that is gradually becoming popular.

A study known as ‘The Regeneration Roadmap’ conducted by the companies BBMG and GlobeScan in the US brings forward an interesting fact. According to this study, a huge percentage of the population, especially among the middle class across Brazil, India, and China, strongly agree on the need to consume less and to conserve the environment, for the coming generations.

US Gypsum Co. making efforts for a green future

Another organization named the US Gypsum Company, in Chicago, has introduced the concept of recycling at their construction sites. The company has built a machine that is capable of recycling wallboards and other such items left over in construction sites. The machine separates the paper scrap from the wallboard and grinds the gypsum for reusable purposes. The company has designed this product keeping the idea of conserving the environment in their minds. So, several companies are actually making a move towards creating a sustainable environment by the process of recycling.


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