An Artist from New Rochelle Uses Recycled Material for her Artwork

recycleRecycling is a grueling work that most people consider to be boring. But the artists from New Rochelle have proved them wrong. Recycling can not only be fun, but also artistic. New Rochelle’s transFORM ArtGallery recently held an exhibition of artwork made of eco friendly promotional items, which can change the common conception about recycling.

Lisa Cooper’s Eco-friendly Artwork

This eco friendly art exhibition at the transFORM ArtGallery was sponsored by Elisa Contemporary Art, founded by Lisa Cooper in 2007. Cooper was quite excited about this exhibition since it showcased artwork exclusively made of recycled items. These eco friendly promotional items consisted of all sorts of salvaged items – from recycled paper to reused metal scraps. Not only paintings, this art exhibition also contained sculptures and welded items made of scrap metal.

The five artists taking part in the exhibition come from varied backgrounds and locations. They contributed around 30 pieces of artwork, which were priced from $1000 to about $12000, depending on their sizes. All the artists were very enthusiastic about this. Lisa Mee, who contributed canvas paintings of floral patterns, says that she usually takes 2-3 days to complete her work, but can do it in a single day if she is left to herself. She used recycled plastic and papers for her work. Another artist, Carole Eisner, contributed welded sculptures for the exhibition. She has already crafted sculptures as high as 20 feet, which have been put up in universities and public parks. She gets her material from local scrap yards and transforms the discarded pieces of metal to artwork. Adriana Rostovsky, from Uruguay, considers garbage to be her treasure. She was inspired by the conservation her family practiced.

A lot of artists produce a lot of wonderful artwork these days; but the skills of these artists should truly be marveled upon. They not only create beautiful pieces of art, but also make the Earth a more beautiful place by salvaging the waste materials in their artworks.

Eco Friendly Promotional Items Used In Art

Using discarded material in art is becoming increasingly common these days. The children at school are also being taught to create eco friendly promotional items from waste material. Not only can discarded plastic, paper, and metal pieces be used in making artwork, but also discarded clothing items, buttons, old media like tape cassettes, and wasted computer parts, like hard disks and compact disks. Some artists even melt down useless weapons to create sculptures that look truly artistic. Such waste items are being used to make commercial works of art, jewelry, and furniture. Buying such items not only increases the beauty of your house, but also promotes environmental-friendliness.


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