An Artist in Cleveland Promotes Recycling of Old Plastic Hangers

eco friendlyHave you ever thought about what happens to the plastic hangers after you buy the clothes off them? Well, artist Loren Naji certainly has. As soon as he found out for certain that the plastic hangers, on which Old Navy’s clothes are hung, are not recycled but just thrown out as trash, he took steps to get those hangers recycled.

An Eco-Friendly Initiative Taken by Naji

One day, when buying clothes for his daughter from Old Navy, Loren Naji (an artist from Cleveland) found out that the plastic hangers, on which the clothes were displayed, were thrown out after the clothes were sold. They were not reused for new clothes because the new clothes already came with new hangers on them. He cross-checked this fact from other Old Navy stores as well, and was shocked to find that the same practice was followed in the other stores also.

Naji is of the view that Gap Inc. shouldn’t produce so much of plastic hangers since this increases the plastic waste in landfills to a huge extent. This is why he has started using the social media to bring awareness about this inadequacy of Gap. He is requesting everyone to contact the headquarters of Gap and ask them to recycle or reuse these wasted hangers. He is also developing the design for a spherical sculpture which will be 8-feet tall and will include as many wasted Gap hangers as possible. He has also obtained 200 plastic hangers from the Old Navy outlet in Steelyards Commons for this sculpture. Naji believes that this effort will bring awareness in people, and Gap will also do something in response.

Gap Inc. Promotes Eco Friendly Promotional Items

In response to Loren Naji’s efforts, Gap Inc. said that they are looking into the matter and will find out some way to recycle the waste. Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District is also prepared to help. The Executive Director of this department said that they already have recycling programs for producing eco friendly promotional items out of waste generated from electronic equipment and stationery, and they can also figure out some way to manage waste generated due to the use of plastic hangers since 12% of the county’s waste is plastic.

Recycling business waste can not only make the world greener, but it can also save a lot of money for the businesses and create opportunities for them as well as the society. If the waste can’t be recycled, reusing is also one way to reduce the burden on landfills. Reusable material that is sent to trash can instead be sent to charity organizations that can offer these to the people who need them.


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