An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cremation

CremationLaura Buzzelli demonstrated her love for the environment while alive and in death. When she died in March 2009, she was buried in a natural way without a vault, casket, and embalming in keeping with her wishes. Six weeks prior to her death, she revealed her idea of burial to Ken, her husband, who supported her whole heartedly.  

Green burial method

Ken Buzzelli honored his wife’s decision that she wanted to be buried at a natural burial. So, she found her resting place at Foxfield Preserve near WildernessCenter located in StarkCounty. Laura, a nature lover was making her own garden compost and recycling it long time before others thought of it.

Green burial or natural burial is increasingly gaining popularity. In a 2007 study almost one fifth of people over 50 indicated green burial as their preferred choice. The baby boomer generation is more favorable toward green burial, according to Joe Sehee, Green Burial Council founder. Green Burial promotes environmental goals such as reduced energy consumption and avoidance of toxic chemicals by rejecting traditional burial paraphernalia such as burial vaults, metal caskets, and traditional embalming.

Ideally, a natural burial should be in an enclosure that is hundred percent biodegradable without a single metal piece. A small minority including Laura Buzzelli are among those who decided to return to nature in a natural state. Sehee puts this notion as the de-industrialization of death. The best way the dead can be honored is by healing the living and inviting in the divine, according to Sehee.

While natural burial may seem somewhat unusual but it is not a new concept. Many people until the middle of the 19th century were buried in coffins made completely of wood. Also, embalming was followed only in rare cases. The civil war changed it because soldiers who died had their bodies preserved and transported. In some cultures like Jewish and Islamic natural burial is common even today.

Eco friendly promotional items to keep the environment green

Natural burial or eco-friendly burial uses eco friendly promotional items to keep environment green. Eco friendly burial is a better option than the traditional burial method because this form of burial keeps the environment green and healthy. This form of burial doesn’t contaminate the earth. Also, it frees the land in its pristine form with the use of biodegradable casket. In contrast, non-biodegradable caskets pollute the soil and make it unavailable for further use. In addition, embalming makes use of chemicals that pollute the soil. A better alternative is the use of dry ice in place of embalming to preserve the dead body in case it needs to be transported and may take some time before the final burial.


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