An Eco-friendly Construction Mechanism in Joplin

eco friendlyAn eco-friendly design plan in Joplin is making great news. The construction system built with this design will be storm-resistant and energy-efficient. According to the Joplin Globe, this model house has been built by students and professors of the Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University. The model is that of a house that produces energy instead of absorbing it. 

An eco-friendly construction system in Joplin

The Joplin model home with a storm-resistant and energy-producing design is an example of environment-friendly disaster reconstruction. The design was unveiled in front of GreenTown Joplin’s partners, city officials, as well as residents and representatives of the university. The credit for the innovative design idea should go to students and professors of the HammonsSchool known for architectural excellence.

Ten students along with two professors at the school of architecture have designed this house. This is a demonstration model that will be built in future by GreenTown Joplin. However, it serves as an excellent model for innovative construction techniques. It produces energy and can secure the construction system against storms.

GreenTown Joplin’s idea is to come up with products based on green principles. However, GreenTown was demolished in 2007 under the impact of a tornado, but has been rebuilt again. The eco-homes being built at this place aim at the promotion of green construction.

The benefits of using eco friendly promotional items in construction process

There are at least two reasons why eco friendly promotional items are the most sought-after materials used in the construction process. Firstly, we are living in a disaster-prone environment and there have been many tragedies in recent years. Secondly, sustainability must be added to the task of disaster recovery which is possible with eco friendly items.

The students from DruryUniversity studied buildings and people’s requirements at Joplin before they could come out with a design that uses zero energy. The two-story commercial model building they made is a house with a kitchen, a living room, a bed-and-breakfast, and space for office on the second floor. The building generates more energy than it consumes.

The building has insulated form walls of concrete characterized by radiant floor, making it overall comfortable with the capacity to resist greater wind speeds. The roof has a system to collect rain water that can be used in the bathroom for flushing. The materials used in the building are available locally.

Impressed by the design, sponsors have already begun to take an interest in the project. Several among them have already signed while more partners may be needed.


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