An Eco-friendly Restaurant in St. Charles

eco friendlyA new eco-friendly restaurant has opened up in St Charles. The announcement of its opening was made in the month of January 2013. This restaurant will focus on environment-friendly practices. The food they serve is procured locally and is organic. The restaurant is named “Prasino” which in Greek means ‘green’. This restaurant is true to its name. 

Prasino – offering organic food to the residents in St. Charles

The Prasino restaurant uses organic raw material sourced locally. In other words, the ingredients used in cooking food in the restaurant are natural and promise to be free from hormone and steroid. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 370 out of which 280 seats are inside and the rest outside. The restaurant with 8500 sq. ft. space is the second one to open in 2013 in the same location. The first one was Tucanos specializing in Brazilian Grill.

The Prasino restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, evening snack, as well as dinner. Some of the items that this restaurant will serve include sushi rolls, rib tacos, Wisconsin ribeye, and roasted salad of beet. It will remain open seven days a week from 8am in the morning to 11pm at night. The restaurant will also serve unique beverage made from locally available wine, beer, and spirits. It also uses recycled or renewable material for its environment and the paints on its walls are environment-friendly.

Benefits of organic food and other eco friendly promotional items

Organic food and eco friendly promotional items are not just the current fad but are beneficial to health and environment. The food that most people consume not only destroys wild varieties but may pose a great risk to your health. Organic food contains no toxic chemical. They are free from additives, preservatives, and hormones that are believed to cause a large number of medical conditions with adverse impact on our heart, nerve, brain, bone, skin, and the internal system.

The way food is produced from farm to factory and is consumed is the cause of diabetes, heart ailments, and other forms of disorders. But organic food being natural in every way is not only useful to the soil, plants, and animals but also to human beings who are the end consumers. Pesticides and chemicals adversely affect the environment and living creatures. Organic food promises to reverse the trend and make us lead a healthy life.   


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