An Eco-friendly Sewer in Harveston Baton Rouge

eco friendlyAn eco-friendly sewer in Harveston Baton Rouge will make it the first independent sewer district. This project is not yet approved. But if the Metro Council approves it, this sewer will be the first-of-its-kind in the East Baton Rouge Parish. The waste water in this parish is processed and treated in a plant before being drained in the river Mississippi.     

The eco-friendly sewer in Harveston Baton Rouge

Mike Wampold and John Fetzer are developing this 1400 acre land at Harveston, which will use the technique of wetland assimilation. This technique makes use of filtered waste water in wetland development. The wetland is then enriched. This property in Harveston lies to the south and east of Bluebonnet and Nicholson Drive respectively.

The assimilation including the treatment of waste water will mean the eco friendly use of water, for this water will be used by plants and trees as fertilizer. This will ensure that the forest is enhanced.

Harveston Rouge was earlier recognized as the village, Longwood. After the eco development of this village, it will have approximately 2500 homes in the next few decades. The prices will begin in $350,000 range. In addition, the site will have a nature preserve covering 600 acres, trails for biking and walking, office space, and retail.

The project uses eco friendly promotional items

The project deserves the status of independent sewer district by virtue of using eco friendly promotional items. The scope and size of the project are also factors that will help it get the status.

Some rural regions in the northern part of the parish, which are not connected to the city sewer, use private plants. However, there is a scope to tie them into the project as the city parish has the option to expand. So, these regions must be considered to be within the sewer district.

As far as the cost is concerned, the residents at Harveston will get a better deal as the sewer district can levy its own fees. The fees will be less than what the parish charges. In other words, user fees or sewer impact fees won’t be charged by the city parish. The current impact fee is $2250 for a home that houses a single family, and the usage fee on an average comes to a little over $42 every month. The annual increase in this fee has been 4 percent every year since 2004.


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