An Expo to Promote Eco-friendly Weddings

eco friendlyWeddings can be taxing not only on our pockets, but also on the environment. All the paper and energy that are consumed, as well as all the trash that is produced at weddings, can harm the environment greatly. As such, Garbage Gone Glam is hosting an expo, named Eat Plan Love, to make weddings more eco-friendly.

A Unique Expo Held by Garbage Gone Glam

Eat Plan Love is a wedding fair with a difference. It is not just an event filled with food, drink, and entertainment. It aims toward making the society conscious about how much waste we create during weddings. Garbage Gone Glam came up with the idea of this expo with the mission of raising health and environmental awareness, as well as drawing the society’s attention toward reducing the wastage at weddings.

Garbage Gone Glam’s President, Kristen Alyce, is of the view that though weddings are so wasteful, they don’t necessarily have to remain so. If couples are careful and plan their weddings properly, they can combine style with sensibility, and benefit the environment. Health-conscious food could also be used at weddings to reduce the calories consumed. Eat Plan Love will make use of eco friendly promotional items in everything from the desserts to the dresses. The event will also showcase eco-friendly wedding ideas.

Eco Friendly Promotional Items Presented During the Expo

The expo organized by Garbage Gone Glam will include wedding items from 30 different eco-conscience vendors. All the items in the expo, from food to flowers, will be organic. It will also include an eco-friendly life insurance retailer and a dry cleaner. Wedding accessories and vintage material collected from estate sales will be showcased too.

Eat Plan Love will also feature a fashion show where green fashion from 3 different designers will be showcased. This will include clothes made of recycled eco friendly promotional items as well as organic materials. The show will include outfits for everyone from the bridegroom to the flower girls, with emphasis on clothes for the bride. There will also be food and wine samples to taste, and an inspired dessert competition. All the food and dessert will be vegan, sugar-free, and health-conscious. According to Garbage Gone Glam, the food at weddings need not take a toll on the guests’ health.

All those who attend Eat Plan Love will be presented with a guide for eco-friendly gifts and a plantable calendar which can help grow flowers. The event is scheduled for May 2, from 7pm to 9pm at Palm Beach, Florida.


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