An Organic Market in Morristown

recycleThe residents in Morristown will soon have a wide range of organic products to choose from, as a new organic food market, the Grassroots Natural Market, is being set up in the town. This store is being opened by Paul Kralyevich, a well-known retailer in the organic product industry, and he announced that his new store will be open from the 15th of April, 2013.

Organic products in Morristown

The new organic product market that is opening in the town will replace the Health Shoppe that used to deal in organic products. According to Kralyevich, when he stayed in Morristown, he used to enjoy going to the Health Shoppe to purchase organic products. He always liked the variety of products available at the store, and he felt that the staff of the store was very dedicated towards their job. So when he heard that the owner of Health Shoppe was retiring, he thought he could revive this store. So he is opening his store in the same location as that of Health Shoppe, and he is hiring some of the old staff members of Health Shoppe for his store.

Kralyevich stated that Morristown has a good customer base for organic food products, so he is happy that his store is opening here. He stated that his store is basically a newer version of the Health Shoppe that had a very good reputation in the town, and he had renovated the old shop with new equipment and infrastructure.

Grassroots Natural Market – promoting eco friendly promotional items

The organic product store that is opening in Morristown will aim at providing the residents with better quality food products, and it will also help in establishing the organic farmers’ market in the region. According to Kralyevich, organic products can gain importance only when the local farmers’ markets are supported, and so his store will try as much as possible to support them.

Kralyevich believes in giving back to the society, which is the primary reason as to why he deals in organic products. He stated that organic products or any eco friendly promotional items are beneficial for the people, which is why he deals in them. He also said that his goal is not to open a store and make profits in the region, as a matter of fact, he wishes to better the organic food industry in the region, as he wants the residents in the town to have best quality products.


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