Apple Goes Green in the New Austin Facility

RecyclingThe construction plans for Apple’s complex in Austin, Texas, reveals that the company has incorporated environment sustainability measures and replaced certain details in the old build plans. The $304 million project involves the development of a property named Riata Vista Circle.

Apple’s eco friendly facility in Austin

The initial development plans included construction of seven buildings on the property. At present, two of the seven buildings are under construction with estimated expenses spanning $56 million. The initial building plans revealed a total 200,000 square feet area coverage that has been modified currently. Five more structures have been included in the plans, expanding the construction area to over a million square feet.

Apple made many changes to the original build plans including replacement of the open area parking spaces with three closed garages with a capacity to accommodate 5,500 four-wheelers. Apple is also expediting the construction process to have at least one of the garages ready by the time the first building structure is completed and inaugurated.

Additionally, Apple has reduced the usage of concrete and asphalt for construction from a previously estimated 80 percent to approximately 55 percent. This has been accomplished by replacing traditional concrete driveways with pedestrian courts and corridors, using naturally available construction materials like pebbles and stones.

The world-famous technological company has always challenged environmental issues and contributed to creating a sustainable environment through its products and humanitarian efforts. This campus in Austin, Texas, is also another venture of the company in the line of making this world a better place, not only by conserving the ecosystem but also by providing jobs to thousands of Americans.

Other eco friendly promotional items endorsed by Apple

Apple has a page on its website, dedicated to showcasing the commitment of the company to the environment. All processes involved in manufacturing, transporting, using, and recycling Appleā€™s products are governed by eco friendly measures.

Every year Apple records the amount of green house gas emissions involved in all processes that involve its products. Apple designers and engineers have worked towards creating smaller products that require less toxic materials and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The packaging of products reduces wastage of materials and fuel for transportation by space optimization.

All the products are energy-efficient, durable, and recyclable. Apart from this, Apple also employs eco friendly promotional items to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by the company’s products and spread awareness among people about the environmental issues plaguing the world.


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