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Wholesale Custom Tote BagsOne of the most innovative measures in bringing about awareness with regard to reduction of waste as well as reuse and recycling of products is the ‘Trash to Treasure’ art contest’, an annual event held in Allen County. This competition brings together like-minded individuals of different ages, all interested in protecting the environment by putting forth useful articles made from trash. 

Treasure from trash

The ‘Trash to Treasure’ art contest is a truly innovative step in creating awareness regarding environmental issues that revolve around waste management and recycling. This unique annual contest was open to all the residents of AllenCounty and was held here for the fifteenth time on Saturday, the 20th of July, 2013.

This year, fifty five enthusiastic participants gathered in downtown Fort Wayne, at the Allen County Public Library to display their talent. The event was sponsored by OmniSource, a company that knows the value of recycling since it deals in recycling of various waste products.

The Public Relations specialist for OmniSource stated that people made wonderful pieces of art using recyclable material such as paper plates and soda bottles. They were judged on the basis of the outcome of their efforts. Greg Shoup – the meteorologist from News Channel 15 had the honor of judging the contest, this year. The creations were judged on the basis of originality, craftsmanship, and the variety of the material used,

On the basis of age, the participants were divided into five categories ranging from Preschool to Grade Two, Grade Three to Grade Five, Grade Six to Grade Eight, Grade Nine to Grade Twelve, and adults.

The basic rule for the contest was that all the participants had to create something unique using only recyclables and discarded articles, even the use of paint and adhesives wasn’t permitted. The piece of art could be no larger than three feet by three feet. This was not a group effort so the articles had to be light enough to be lifted by a person single handedly.

The overall impression and the age-appropriateness of the creation also played a vital role in the judging process.

Art with wholesale custom tote bags

We, as citizens, are well aware of the dangers that improper waste management poses to the environment. At times, we tend to overlook this detail or think to ourselves that just one recyclable item going into the landfill won’t really do much harm.

Events such as the ‘Trash to Treasure’ art contest or ‘Wealth from Waste’ creativity contest help to create awareness with regard to environmental issues and recycling or re-use of waste articles. Other contest options such as designing wholesale custom tote bags in an attempt to encourage the use of reusable bags will also help in creating a feeling of eco-friendliness among individuals.


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