Baylor University’s Recycling Initiatives

eco friendlyBaylorUniversity is revamping its recycling programs by introducing a project for glass recycling. This initiative is being started as a test project and it includes only a few buildings in the campus. If the project is successful, then the authorities plan to extend the recycling program to all campus buildings.

Glass Recycling in Baylor University Campus

The Moody Memorial Library is one of the buildings which are included in the glass recycling program. The MarrsMcleanScienceBuilding, and The East Village Residential Community, which are due for opening also, has the ability to recycle glass. All buildings in the Baylor University Campus which have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are also included in the glass recycling program

In order to obtain LEED certification, the buildings should meet certain standards which are set by the US Green Building Council. Such buildings conserve energy and water and reduce the amount of waste which is sent to landfills. Recently, LEED has modified its certification criteria. According to the new rules, buildings should possess the capability to recycle glass, in order to maintain their LEED certification. This criterion was not present when the buildings in the university were initially LEED certified. As of now, the LEED certified buildings in the campus include The Hurd Tennis Center, The Jim and NellHawksonIndoorTennisCenter, The George W. Truett Theological Seminary, and The Simpson Athletic Complex and AcademicCenter.

According to the Baylor University Chairman Smith Getterman, most of the buildings in the campus do not meet the criteria to take part in the recycling program. The buildings which are included in the recycling project will have special receptacles that are designated for glass. These eco friendly promotional items will be made out of rubber and will be blue in color. Gettermen also pointed out that he does not have an exact date of as to when the recycling program will begin in the campus and said that he expects to get it started by April 18th at least.

The University chairman added that the small amount of glass available in the campus premises was the main reason for choosing Moody library for the initial testing program. If the pilot project is successful, then other buildings like The McLane StudentLifeCenter will also be included in the recycling project.

Eco friendly Promotional Items and Recycling in the Universities

Universities and colleges have always taken initiatives to the environmental performance of their campuses. There is a rising demand from students and staff of many universities to have a recycling project and to create awareness about eco friendly promotional items. Recycling in universities not only promotes environmental awareness, but it also serves as a cost cutting strategy for the universities. By ensuring that the campuses’ recycling program is running at full capacity, you will be bringing about considerable waste reduction. Identifying suitable advocates with a public appeal will help in the establishment and promotion of waste management and recycling programs in universities.


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