Ben Franklin School Awarded for its Eco-friendly Initiatives

eco friendlyTo promote recycling and eco-friendly behavior among the children in the US, a lot of organizations award schools and colleges within the country for their eco-friendly initiatives. Recently, the Ben Franklin School was honored with the Eco-School USA award for its eco-friendly initiatives, and the school authorities are planning on incorporating similar activities in their academic curriculum as well.

An award for eco-friendly initiatives

The Eco-School award is a prestigious recognition as it is extremely hard for educational institutions to qualify for it. To qualify for this award, the schools need to submit an application explaining the eco-friendly initiatives that they have undertaken. In addition to this, the eco-friendly initiatives that are explained by the institutions in their applications need to comply with the criterion set by the National Wildlife Federation to be honored as an Eco-School.

Use of Eco friendly promotional items encouraged by Ben Franklin

The authorities at Ben Franklin are staunch believers of eco-friendly behavior and they have introduced a lot of activities that help in saving natural resources in their campus. In addition to this, the school has also incorporated eco-friendly activities into their academic curriculum for the students in grade K-3. The school authorities are very happy that their work has been recognized, and the fact that Ben Franklin is the only school in the New Jersey region to have won this distinction is a matter of pride for them.

The recycling program at Ben Franklin is well organized. The school has a system of trash-free Tuesdays, and the students at the school use eco-friendly trays instead of Styrofoam trays. According to statistics, the school recycles close to 30,000 milk carton in a span of one year, which is equivalent to approximately 800 pounds of waste. The biodegradable food trays have been introduced within the school premises recently and according to experts, this change should help the school recycle close to 34,000 food trays every year.

Apart from the special eco-friendly programs, the school has a daily system for collection of waste as well. During the week, the students who are a part of the green club collect trash from all the classrooms, and they send it to the school’s recycling center. In addition to this, the students monitor the level of water usage in the school on a daily basis. According to one of the teachers at the school, the students are dedicated towards the use of eco friendly promotional items, and the school will continue to encourage them to recycle.


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