Bicycle Festival and Sale Organized by ReCycle

recycle festivalHarding Elementary School organizes a used bicycle festival each year, where all sorts of bicycle activities, from learning to ride bikes to bike hurdle races, take place. But the main aim of this festival is to salvage unused bicycles and sell them to others. Except heavily damaged ones, any kind of bikes can be donated to this festival.

A Bike Sale by ReCycle

ReCycle, the annual used bicycle festival of Harding Elementary School, is being held for the third time this year. The school requests everyone in the region to donate any kind of bicycles that are not in use currently. Apart from heavily damaged or completely rusted bicycles, ReCycle accepts unused bikes of any size. The bikes are collected and restored by Harding Dad’s Club, the association that comprises a handful of parents who have some experience in bike repairing. You just need to email the head of the Harding Dad’s Club and they will pick up the bike from your home. They will also give you a tax deduction receipt for the donation.

Entry to this event which aims to promote eco friendly promotional items is free, though it has a host of attractions like an obstacle race and slow bike racing. It also offers a raffle booth contest where the tickets are priced at $1, and the winner will receive a kids’ bike worth $350. The winner has to be present at the prize ceremony, though. All the people who buy bikes at ReCycle will get a bell for free. Also, limited bike buyers will receive a free helmet with the bike.

Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Promotional Items While Traveling

Cycling is definitely a healthy as well as eco friendly way of travelling. It not only reduces pollution, but also gives you enough exercise to help you stay healthy. There are a lot of benefits of using any kind of eco friendly modes of transportation. Using your car less often for traveling would mean that you save quite a lot on the fuel, apart from the contribution you make towards the environment in reducing pollutants and green house gases.

It may seem intimidating at first to minimize the usage of your car, but gradually you will realize that it is not that difficult after all. If you don’t want to cycle or walk, join in car pools in order to do your bit. It will not only contribute to a cleaner environment, but also keep you physically fit and active.


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