Boulder City Council’s Design Contest for Reusable Eco Friendly Bags

reusuable eco friendly bagsIn an attempt to popularize reusable eco friendly bags among the residents, the city council of Boulder decided to host a design competition. In this competition, the residents had to send in entries for designs for reusable bags that would be distributed by the city council. The city council is going to distribute free reusable bags as part of their promotional campaign, and all these bags will have the winning designs printed on them.

A competition for a cause

This competition was conducted with a motive to encourage the residents to use reusable totes. So the city council was extremely happy about the fact that so many residents sent in their entries for the competition. After a lot of thinking, the city council chose two winners from the submissions. The winners of this competition were Blair Stapp, a graphic designer, and Zoe Burton, a student at the MonarchHigh School in the city.

Innovative designs to promote reusable eco friendly bags

The two designs that were chosen as the winners of the competition were unique in their own way, and they reflect the main thought of the city council, that is the importance of using reusable bags. The design submitted by Burton had beautiful white and black flowers in it. These flowers were painted in a green field with a caption saying ‘grow’. On the other hand, Stapp’s design had three lists representing paper, nada, and plastic. Nada is a Spanish word that means nothing, and Stapp decided to use this word in her design to explain the importance of reusable sacks.

Both these designs are artistically beautiful, and they symbolize the importance of using reusable totes for a healthy environment. The organizers of this competition are delighted to use these designs for their reusable bags, and they personally congratulated the winners of this competition.

Distribution of the reusable bags

Once these designs are printed on the reusable bags, the city council will distribute close to 30,000 free reusable bags among the residents. These bags will be distributed among the low income group in the city, and the senior citizens. The city council feels that distribution of free reusable bags will prepare the residents for the plastic bag ban that is coming into effect from the month of July, 2013. Furthermore, since these bags have attractive designs on them they are hoping that all the residents will start using them for their grocery shopping immediately.


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