Boulder City’s Incentive Program for Eco-friendly Products and Custom Retail Bags

bagsIn an attempt to promote eco-friendly products among the students, the New Vista High school has designed an incentive program. This incentive program will teach the students the importance of recycling plastic bottles and other waste materials. The school authorities are also going to raise money with the help of this program.

The school’s collaboration with Beeco

To execute this program, the New Vista High School authorities have teamed up with Beeco, a company that was founded in the year 2011. The company is going to provide the students with school reusable bags, coffee mugs, and water bottles, and the students will have to pay a minimal cost for these products. But the company is going to donate a part of their earnings to the school.

According to Juliet Luna, one of the members of the organizing team from the school, this incentive program will help the students adapt to eco-friendly habits easily. The Earth Task Force Environmental Club of the school is going to promote this program among the students. The students will have access to the Beeco products in school. The Beeco company has convinced four local businesses, including Cafe Roma, Table Mesa Hardware, Peet’s Cafe, and Cafe Sole to offer discounts to the students. So the students will get an incentive to use eco-friendly products from these stores.

Sebastian Brownstein, one of the students at the school stated that he enjoyed participating in the incentive programs organized by the school. He bought a mug from the Beeco collection of products, and he is planning on saving it as a graduation gift. The volunteers who are promoting this program are hoping that more students like Brownstein will purchase the Beeco products, and they have put up posters to advertise this program throughout the campus.

Incentive programs to promote custom retail bags and other eco-friendly products

Various organizations in Boulder Valley have used incentive programs to promote eco-friendly products such as custom retail bags among the residents in the past. Trip Tracker was one of the most successful incentive programs organized in the region. This program encouraged the students to use alternative modes of transportation, and when the students chose to bike, walk, take a bus, or carpool, they were awarded certain amount of money. This program was a great success, and it encouraged a lot of students to adapt to eco-friendly modes of transportation.


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