Cal Poly Pomona Encouraging the Use of Promotional Recycled Bags

Recycled BagsTo promote eco-friendly behavior and promotional recycled bags among the students, the Inter-Hall Council in Cal Poly Pomona hosted I Love Earth Day. During this event, all the students in the locality came outdoors to support eco-friendly activities. The organizers of this event planned out several activities for the students, which helped them in recycling a lot of waste materials.

I Love Earth Day in Cal Poly Pomona

The Inter-Hall Council members organized this event in order to promote eco-friendly behavior among the students. During the event, the organizers hosted trash can painting events, raffles, and pot decorating events. Since this event was organized in association with the Associated Students Inc.’s Homecoming Week, it had the appeal of Valentine’s Day as well.

The pot decorating program at the event was dedicated to Valentine’s Day celebrations where the students, especially the female students, decorated their pots with Valentine’s Day stickers and colors.  Nonetheless, once the students finished decorating their pots, they were given pea seeds and soil. The organizers gave all the participants organic seeds so that they could plant those seeds at their college campus.

The male students, on the other hand, participated mainly in the trash can painting program. All the trash cans at the venue had Residential Hall names written on them. So once the students were done with painting the trash cans, these cans were displayed in the lobby of the corresponding Residential Halls. The organizers thought that this would be a good way to encourage recycling among the students. They also felt that displaying the trash cans at the Residential Halls will help in reminding the students of their duty to recycle.

According to one of the students who took part in this unique event, Christine Alford, this event was an amazing experience for all the students. She stated that it is important to organize such events for students in order to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle among them. She also feels that fusing eco-friendly initiatives with fun activities helps in promoting them in a better way.

Encouraging promotional recycled bags

Apart from the fun activities, the organizers of I Love Earth Day organized special sessions for the students as well. During these sessions, the students were given tips by various guest speakers on the methods through which they could reduce their environmental footprint while they’re at the campus. These guest speakers spoke to the students about simple lifestyle changes, and they encouraged the latter to use promotional recycled bags as well.


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