Charleston County Encourages Cardboard Recycling and Promotional Reusable Bag

reusuable itemsIn order to reduce the wastage of materials in industrial spaces, the county government in Charleston is encouraging all the business owners to recycle all their cardboard waste. The officials are planning on launching a new system through which the business owners will be able to recycle their cardboard waste in an easier way. This new system is expected to come into effect from the month of March, 2013.

An effort to increase cardboard recycling in the county

From the month of March, 2013, the officials within the county are going to collect all the cardboard waste from the businesses in a few specific commercials areas, in the downtown region. These activities will be conducted by the Environmental Management Department of Charleston County. According to Joseph P. Riley, Jr., this activity will be a good medium for the various governmental agencies to collaborate with each other. He stated that this program will help in educating the residents on the need to recycle. He also stated that with such recycling initiatives, the county will be able to substantially reduce its industrial waste.

County officials plan on hosting awareness programs and encourage promotional reusable bag

Apart from the cardboard recycling system, the county officials are planning on hosting several awareness programs to make the residents aware of the various recycling activities initiated by them. The officials are going to distribute educational material among the residents. This educational material will have details about the natural resources of the county and how they can be preserved with the help of recycling. Apart from distributing educational material, the county officials are also going to encourage the residents to use a promotional reusable bag instead of a plastic bag.

According to Anna Johnson, a Council Member of the County and the Chair of the County’s Solid Waste Committee, the county officials are excited to see the response of the cardboard recycling program and the other awareness programs. She stated that the county is making these efforts to try and implement its Green Plan. According to the Green Plan, the county should have a recycling rate of at least 40 percent in the coming two years. So in order to achieve these desired recycling rates, the officials are trying to get the residents involved in all their recycling initiatives. Furthermore, they are also making efforts to curb the industrial waste that is generated within the county.


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