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reusable bagsIn order to address the issue of plastic waste within the city, the city council in Redwood has taken up the decision to ban plastic bags within the premises of the city. The city officials announced that the reusable bag ordinance will be implemented in the city from the month of April, 2013, and they are hoping that the residents as well as the retailers will respond to it positively.

The details of the plastic bag ban within the region

With the implementation of the plastic bag ban, the residents in Redwood will have to pay approximately 10 cents in order to purchase paper bags from the retailers. According to experts, the city council will keep increasing this fee every year. This is because they feel that cheap reusable shopping bags will gain importance only when the residents have to spend a considerable amount of money on purchasing other shopping bags.

The city council in Redwood took the decision to adopt the reusable bag ordinance after San MateoCounty implemented this ban. According to experts, the fact that the neighboring counties and cities have also adopted this ordinance had a significant impact on the city council of Redwood. Also, rumors that California might impose a state-wide ban on plastic bags helped in convincing the officials as well.

The need to promote cheap reusable shopping bags

In the past two years, all the regions that come under the state of California have been contemplating on whether or not they should ban the use of plastic bags within their region. The primary reason behind this debate is the fact that the coastal areas within the state are facing a lot of environment pollution at present, and the governmental agencies feel that banning plastic bags would help in reducing this pollution.

Before the implementation of this ban, the residents and the waste management officials stated that disposing plastic bags was the biggest hassle for them. The city does not have a recycling system for the plastic bags, and so all the plastic that is collected in the waste will be transported to the landfills. According to experts, plastic bags degrade the soil of the landfills, and they pollute the air quality of the region as well. Plastic bags that are misplaced during transportation block the water drains within the city, and cause harm to the animals in the region. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why the city council has taken the decision to implement this ban.

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