Children Create Eco-friendly Art Pieces in the Hawaii Marine Corps Base

eco friendlyThe event, Eco-Friendly in the Park, which commenced on April 16, 2013 at Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, was a fun time for kids. They made creative products out of recyclable materials like rags and old newspapers. The event will go on for a month at Riseley Field, and is organized by the Marine Corps.

An event organized by the Marine Corps Community Services

The Community Services of Marine Corps organized the event. The purpose of the event is to make children aware about caring for the environment, and to teach them the importance of recycling. The ongoing event, will teach the kids how to make art and craft objects with the help of recycled or recyclable material. Since children are quite imaginative, they are enjoying the event and it is a learning experience for them too. The children will learn various creative methods of recycling. They have already made art and craft products, like paper cups out of newspapers, and bags from T-shirts.

They made many more products like paper hats, and sea turtles. Most of these pieces are made using the imaginative creation of children, without assistance from others. Some of the completed art pieces made by kids, such as huge art works using bottle caps, will be displayed at the Expo on Earth Day. There are other environment-related things that children will be taught, such as how to plant trees. Another advantage of events such as these is that children learn to interact with other kids, and make new friends while working on various activities.

Volunteers help children make eco friendly promotional items

There are many volunteers who assist the kids and teach them during the fun activities. Estella Euclide, a specialist with the Family Programs at Marine Base, thinks that children are highly imaginative and creative. An event such as this can help them express their imagination. Troy Euclide, intimately involved in this program, asserts that children made some objects, like a huge piece of art, with the help of bottle caps completely on their own.

Troy also emphasized the usefulness of these events for kids and their parents, who get a chance to interact and know one another. The volunteers are helping the kids in many ways, but most of the work is done by the kids themselves. So, children from an early age learn the importance of recycling and using eco friendly promotional items. The entire event provides a learning opportunity for kids in a fun-filled way.


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