College Students Encourage Wholesale Eco Friendly Shopping Bags for RecycleMania

eco friendly shopping bagsThe students from the University of Michigan are excited about participating in this year’s RecycleMania. One of the students from the university, Julian Tabron is making the effort of recycling college waste in his house, as he feels that Detroit does not have a lot of recycling centers. At present, the university is placed in the top half rankings of the competition, and the officials from the university are hoping that they will finish this competition with a very good ranking.

RecycleMania – promoting recycling among college students

RecycleMania is a recycling competition that is hosted for all the universities in Canada and the US. Close to 600 colleges participate in this contest, and the college with the highest recycling rate is awarded in the end. This competition usually lasts for a span of six weeks, and this year’s RecycleMania is expected to end on the 30th of March, 2013.

University of Michigan promotes eco-friendly products like wholesale eco friendly shopping bags

According to the Recycling Coordinator at the University’s Recycling and Waste Reduction Office, Alison Richardson, this competition helps in encouraging the students to use eco-friendly products and to recycle their waste in an organized manner. He also stated that currently the volunteers at the university are conducting campaigns in order to make the students assess their wasting habits.

The volunteers at the university, popularly known as the Planet Blue students, are encouraging all the students to reuse their plastic items as much as possible. Furthermore, they are encouraging all the students to use wholesale eco friendly shopping bags for their mundane shopping needs. According to the Ambassador of the Planet Blue team at the campus, the students like to recycle during RecycleMania as it is a competition; however, they feel that recycling is a pointless task. So the Planet Blue members keep conducting campaigns in order to help the students understand the importance of recycling. These volunteers have even put up posters and distributed flyers to promote the recycling initiatives of the university and remind the students of their responsibilities.

At present, the university is on the 9th place in the competition, with a total recyclable value of approximately 408,355 pounds. According to Richardson, the university is always placed among the top 10 universities in this competition. The authorities at the university have always tried to reduce the amount of waste on the campus, and they are hoping that their hard work will be reflected in their ranking at the competition.


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