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eco friendly bagsFollowing the example of many other US states, the lawmakers in the state of Rhode Island are contemplating on whether or not they should ban the usage of plastic bags within the entire state. The residents in the state feel that the state authorities should implement this ban as soon as possible, so they have submitted a petition to the State House of Rhode Island. 

A petition to implement the ban

In order to get the single-use plastic bag ban implemented within the city, the residents in Rhode Island submitted a petition with 7,300 signatures to the State House. This petition was supported by the local business owners as well, and close to 134 business owners signed it. The petitioners urged the state authorities to take a stand on this matter as soon as possible because they feel that plastic bags are degrading the Narragansett Bay and the wildlife present there.

The need to promote reusable bags and convention bags

According to the waste management authorities in the region, plastic bags are a major component of the garbage that is gathered during the clean up sessions of the island. According to one of the Representatives of the state, Maria Cimini, the local residents use a lot of plastic bags for their regular chores. She even mentioned that since these bags are light in weight they find their way to the water bodies in the Narragansett Bay. So she feels that these bags should be replaced with reusable bags or convention bags.

Cimini has sponsored the bill suggesting the ban on single-use plastic bags along with Senator Donna Nesselbush. She feels that Rhode Island has an opportunity to be the first state within the US to implement a state wide ban on the usage of plastic bags, and she thinks that the state authorities should consider this matter seriously.

According to Cimini, the fact that Rhode Island is a coastal state should impact the decision of the state authorities. This is because most of the US cities and counties that have banned plastic bags in their premises have stated that these bags have a derogatory impact on the water bodies in their region. At present, the sponsors of the bill and its supporters are waiting for the state authority’s decision. Nonetheless, if this bill is passed, the plastic bag ban should be implemented in the state by the month of October, 2013.


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