Couples Recycling Various Elements at Their Weddings

Couples RecyclingGenerally weddings entail a lot of investments and waste. However, many couples have grown conscious of the preventable waste. So, they donate the leftover food that can be made use of and it is not wasted. The leftovers include not only food but also the gown, wedding flowers, and other stuff that are donated to nursing homes and hospitals.

Donating wedding leftovers

To many couples, donation of wedding leftovers makes logical choice. Genevieve Reiner has already decided to donate the leftover food for her wedding on September1. Two Caterers is a catering company that helps donate leftover food. Reiner and Todd Mills, her fiancé, have already hired this company to distribute leftover food that they usually donate to local YWCA or McDonald House.

Owner of Two Caterers, Angela Petro, says they don’t need the wedding couple’s instructions to donate leftover food. They do it as long as the food is safe to be consumed and they do not charge for this service. However, Petro clarifies the limitations with food donation. Both hot and cold food must meet the minimum standards with respect to the amount of time the food was stored under certain temperature. The safety of the food is affected where there are no storage and refrigeration facilities such as for farm or open field marriage venues.

Two Caterers – Encouraging eco friendly promotional items

Two Caterers is clearly doing a wonderful job in encouraging eco friendly promotional items. Petro takes special interest in educating couples on what can be donated and what cannot be. The food must not exceed the safety zone. While extreme precaution needs to be maintained during the donation of food items, the floral donation is not as strict. Organizations like Random Acts of Flowers and Floranthropy actively arrange for the donation of wedding flowers to hospice centers and retirement homes.

Larsen Jay, the founder of the Random Acts of Flowers, says that a medium-sized wedding has enough flowers to be used by 30 to 50 persons admitted in the local hospital. Jay works with 130 volunteers to collect flowers from pre-arranged venues where couples have agreed to donate flowers. The flowers from the venues are brought to the warehousing facility where the flowers are rearranged to meet the needs of individual patients.

Nicole Denton used the services of Random Acts of Flowers to donate flowers after her wedding in November 2010. She thinks this is the best way to use flowers as they can make someone happy. Floranthropy was founded in 2011 by Tracy Sutton in Seattle, when she found there was no organization in that area doing this kind of job. She wanted to donate her wedding flowers to the hospital where her mother passed away.


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