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shopping bagIn order to promote recycling among the industrial sector, the Society of Plastics gives out awards to all the companies that make an effort to recycle their plastic waste every year. In this year’s award ceremony the Society of Plastics Engineers Environment Division honored Hilex Poly Co which is a very popular recycle and manufacturer of different types of plastic bag, for its eco-friendly initiatives.

Hilex Poly Co’s eco-friendly initiatives

The Society of Plastics awarded the Hilex Company in the category of ‘Plastics Recycling Technologies and Applications’. This award was given to the Hilex Company since it conducted a lot of activities in order to recycle its waste. The company helped in recycling the waste of other organizations and residents as well.

Recently the company organized a ‘Bag to Bag’ program where the retail employees as well as the residents could recycle their used plastic bags. In order to make plastic bag disposal simpler for the residents, the company organized close to 30,000 drop-off points across the United States. According to the officials from the company, all the plastic bags that were collected at these centers were recycled into new bags. The company spent close to $25 million in order to collect these bags and recycle them.

The company was given the award specifically for this program, as this program helped in recycling close to 20 million pounds of single-use plastic bags. The organizers of the awards felt that this program deserved to be awarded as it was conducted on a national level, and because Hilex Poly Co invested a lot of money and time on it.

Create shopping bag or recycle plastic bags

According to experts, this program helped in spreading awareness among the US citizens. Officials from Hilex Poly Co stated that the residents who disposed their plastic bags at their drop-off centers were keen on learning more about recycling, and the volunteers from the company guided them. In addition to this, the officials from the company stated that all the plastic bags collected during the program were in good condition, indicating that the residents took efforts to store the bags instead of disposing them in the wrong manner.

Apart from recycling plastic bags, the volunteers at the program also encouraged the residents to create shopping bag. Residents can avoid the hassle of disposing plastic bags if they make their own reusable bags using recycled materials at home. So the volunteers encouraged them to use reusable bags instead of using plastic bags.


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