Cupertino Ready to Welcome Plastic Bag Ban with Wholesale Green Bags

Wholesale Green BagsFrom this October, residents of Cupertino will open up to an eco friendly approach with reusable bags. The city will be the latest addition of Santa Clara County to go green by banning plastic bags. The proposal has been passed and the city is getting all geared up for the ban.

Ban on plastic bags

Cupertino thought of adopting this environment friendly measure for combating the litter problem in the city. A report on the environmental impact threw light on the need for taking proper steps for reducing litter in the city. This report covered the cities of San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. The result of the report suggested that banning one–time use plastic bags will prove beneficial for the city. Taking this into consideration, most of the cities passed the proposal that suggested a ban on such plastic bags from large stores. Plastic bags were also held responsible for clogging the water sources in the city.

This ban was first suggested in the City Council of Cupertino earlier this year in January. The proposal was passed in March but the ordinance will not come into effect before October. Cupertino’s environmental programs manager, Cheri Donnelly said that Cupertino needs to decrease its total wastage by 40% within next year under the authorization of the Board of Regional Water Quality Control of San Francisco Bay. She plans to increase this number to 70% and 100% by 2017 and 2022 respectively.

The ban on plastic bags will promote customers to carry reusable bags, totes, sack, and wholesale green bags rather than plastic bags that can be used just once. The ban will be applicable in all the retail and grocery stores in the city. On the other hand, the ban will not be applicable on enterprises providing food service.

Going green with wholesale green bags

The city has spent around $8000 for arranging “retailer toolkits” which are supposed to educate the retailers about the ban. This kit will include different materials that the retailers will require for displaying information regarding the ban in the form of signs and referral forms. The retailers are also supposed to give all the information to the customers about the ban so that they get used to carrying their own reusable bags. As far as the people of the city are concerned, Donnelly said that they will get used to the ban and accept it as it is good for the community itself.


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