Curbside Recycling and Custom Plastic Bags in Emporia

Plastic BagsThe city council in Emporia recently took the decision to operate a curbside recycling system within the city. According to Mayor Rob Gilligan, the council decided to go for a new recycling system as it won’t impact the recycling expenditure of the residents, and it will help in increasing the recycling rates within the city.

The new recycling program within the city

According to Matt Zimmerman, the City Manager, the city council still has to vote on the curbside recycling system, but the new system will most likely be approved by all the members. Once the curbside recycling program is approved, it will take close to 17 months for the authorities to implement it completely. He stated that the program should be fully functionally by 2014, and that the city council will vote on this matter in two months’ time.

According to statistics, this program will cover close to 7,600 households, and each of the homes will have to pay around $4 to register for it. The registration fee will be used to cover the operational costs of the new recycling program. The city council feels that close to 50 percent of the population will participate in this recycling program initially. But they are hoping that these figures will increase with the passage of time.

Promoting custom plastic bags and recycling

According to the Natural Resources Advisory Board, a curbside recycling system would help the city deal with its waste management problems in a better way. In addition to this, the board feels that this system will promote the usage of reusable and custom plastic bags as well. Nonetheless, the board thinks that the city council will have to plan the execution of this system in a meticulous way, as this recycling system should reach as many households as possible.

The board thinks that the city council should collect the recyclables themselves and send them to the recycling center or it should privatize the entire waste collection process. Even though privatization of the process will make the task simpler for the city council, it might cost the residents an extra amount of money. So the board feels that the city council should consider all its options, and then take an informed decision.

In the next city council meeting, the officials are expected to discuss all these points in detail. Experts feel that they will finalize the total expenditure for this program as well.


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