Curbside Recycling and Eco Friendly Shopping Bags to Get Popular in Knoxville

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The curbside recycling system in the city

Approximately 20,000 residents in the city of Knoxville are currently registered with the curbside recycling program. The collection service in the curbside recycling system is free of cost for all the qualifying residents at present. According to Ruth Hungerford, a resident of the city, the curbside recycling system is easy to adapt to and it has encouraged more residents to recycle their waste into eco friendly promotional items. He stated that, earlier the residents had to dispose their waste materials at the various recycling centers in the city, but now their waste is collected by the officials, which makes their work easier.

The city officials introduced the curbside recycling system in order to promote recycling among the residents. According to one of the officials, David Brace, the new recycling system has introduced new expenses for the city council, but it has helped the city council save up on some expenses as well. At present, the city council pays the curbside waste management company close to a million dollars to pick up the waste from the residents within the city. But since this system has been introduced, the city council has saved up around $80,000 on the cost of fuel which was used to transfer the waste materials to the landfill in Anderson County.

Drop center to shut down with more usage of eco friendly shopping bags and items

Since the curbside recycling system has been introduced in the city, the waste collection in the local drop-off recycling facilities has reduced by 1,600 tons. At present, the city has 11 recycling centers, and the officials have decided to close one of the centers due to the reduction in the waste collection. The officials intend to close many more recycling centers once the residents living in the apartment complexes are registered with the curbside recycling system and they reduce the quantity of waste materials by using eco friendly items including eco friendly shopping bags. This will help the city council save up on the maintenance cost of the centers. So, the officials need to ensure that they promote the use of eco friendly bags and items.


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