Custom Canvas Bag and Recycled Building Materials in New York County

eco friendly bagIn an effort to recycle the plastic waste in the region, Axion International Holdings is using plastic material in order to repair a bridge in the Clare region of New York. The construction company is going to use approximately 30,000 pounds of plastic waste in order to repair the decking on this bridge, and they are hoping that many more companies will be inspired by their methods.

Use of plastic in construction work

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers the government spends close to $10.5 billion in order to maintain, as well as construct bridges every year. This report was published in the year 2009, and these figures have increased drastically since then. Given the statistics the state, as well as the federal agencies, need to spend a lot of money in order to maintain their buildings annually, so using plastic material in order to renovate the buildings is a good option for them.

In addition to this, a report by the Federal Highway Administration suggests that there are approximately 143,899 bridges in the US that need to be repaired. The administrations of the regions where these bridges are located experience a lot of difficulties in getting grants to get these bridges repaired. So, they could consider using the plastic waste in their region in order to get these renovations done.

The importance of recycling plastic and custom canvas bags

According to experts, if the state authorities increase the circulation of custom canvas bags in their premises, and start using plastic waste for their construction projects, they will benefit to a large extent. Using plastic in construction projects has a lot of advantages. First and foremost, recycling plastic will help the state authorities save up on their budget. This is because, they won’t have to spend money on recycling of plastic and construction projects separately. In addition to this, plastic can not be recycled easily, so using plastic waste in construction projects will help the state in disposing plastic in an effective way as well.

Experts feel that the state authorities as well as the federal agencies should encourage the usage of plastic in building construction by giving the construction companies certain benefits, such as subsidies. Experts feel that the governmental bodies should use this construction technique for their projects, such as construction of railway tracks, water dams, and other buildings as well.


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