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eco friendly bagWith the increased awareness on the benefits of reusable bags, a lot of residents in the US are making a conscious effort in order to include reusable bags in their daily routine. In fact, a resident from San Jose, Donna Nardi, has been selling reusable totes and custom gift bag in her city for a few years now, and she feels that the residents are appreciative of such reusable bags. 

Bags made by Nardi

Nardi began making reusable bags many years ago as she liked using them as gift bags. She stated that she always enjoyed sewing, and using reusable bags in order to place gifts always seemed appealing to her. Nardi is famous for making reusable totes for special occasions, and she participates in a lot of festival fairs and exhibitions as well. As a matter of fact, Nardi started her career of selling reusable bags from a boutique in a school in San Jose, SaratogaHigh School. At present, she puts up stalls in popular exhibitions at the CivicCenter, and even at the Heritage Orchard in the city.

Scope for a custom gift bag

According to Nardi, over the years people have developed a liking toward using reusable totes, especially for gifting purposes. This is one of the reasons as to why she decided to make and sell customized reusable green totes in San Jose. At present, Nardi sells her bags at the local exhibitions and boutiques in the city, and she feels that this business has a lot of scope in the future.

Nardi stated that there are two main reasons as to why people prefer using reusable bags as gifts. Firstly, she stated that reusable bags give the users an option to customize their gifts. So during the holiday season, or during special occasions, these bags can be used to enhance the appeal of the gifts. Secondly, she stated that increased awareness on the benefits of reusable bags has also contributed toward their popularity.

Reusable bags have gained a lot of popularity in recent times, as many reports stating the negative effects of plastic bags have been published. In addition to this, a lot of the counties and cities in the US have banned the residents from using single-use plastic bags for their mundane and regular shopping needs, so the residents have automatically developed a favorable attitude toward using reusable bags.


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