Custom Made Plastic Bags Banned in Eugene

plastic bags banThe city council in Eugene has declared that it is going to ban the circulation of single-use plastic bags within its premises, as these bags have derogatory impacts on the environment. According to statistics, the residents in Eugene use approximately 67 million plastic bags in a year. So the waste disposal authorities in the region have to spend considerable amount of time and energy in disposing these bags into landfills every year, which is why the city council has taken the decision to ban these bags.

The details of the ban

This ban will be implemented in the city in the month of May, 2013. Once the ban is in place, the residents will have to pay 5 cents to receive paper bags from the retailers. All retail business owners including departmental stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, as well as the local markets located within the city will have to comply with this ban.

Retail businesses will be allowed to use recycled paper bags or reusable bags. However, the recycled paper bags will have to meet a few specifications. The retailers will have to ensure that the paper bags that they use are made using 40 percent recycled materials, and are completely recyclable in nature. Apart from paper bags, the retailers will be allowed to give the residents reusable bags made out of any recyclable material.

Custom made plastic bags will be allowed even after the ban is implemented

Even though the ban states that the retailers will have to provide their customers with recycled paper bags or reusable bags, the retail owners will have the option of using custom made plastic bags as well. The plastic bags that will be allowed in the stores will have to be more than 4 mils in thickness. Plastic bags that are used to package items in bulk or to wrap frozen foods, plants, flowers, bakery goods, glassware, and even prescription bags will not be prohibited. But retailers will be encouraged to use reusable bags wherever possible.

Exemptions to the ban

This ban is going to be implemented at most of the retail stores within the city. But some of the local businesses have been exempted from it. Local restaurants and other businesses that need to use plastic bags to protect their products have been exempted from this ban. In addition to this, all the retail owners who want to be exempted from the ban have the option of applying for an exemption request to the city council.


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