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printed bagsThe problem caused by the use of plastic bags, is a major concern in many cities today. The grocers of California have realized how the use of plastic bags contributes to environmental hazards. Senate Bill 405, passed by Senator Alex Padilla of Pacoima, to ban the use of single-use plastic bags is fully supported by the California Grocers Association. 

How will the bill help?

The various efforts by the government to recycle plastic bags have failed terribly. Residents in the state of California use billions of plastic bags in a year. Senator Padilla claims that the amount of plastic bags being used cause a lot of waste to possibly break down or dispose in the environment. Mark Murray, from Californians against Waste, claims that plastic bags are seen all around. From transfer stations to garbage cans and garbage trucks, all disposed plastic bags are getting dumped in the landfills.

If this bill to ban plastic bags is successfully passed, then plastic bags will be banned in grocery stores by January 2015 and replaced by custom printed canvas bags. The bill intends to extend the ban to convenience stores, pharmacies, and liquor stores by July 2016. Department stores and the other non-food retailers will be exempted from this bill, at least for the moment.

Support from grocers for custom printed canvas bags

The grocers of California have been very supportive of the bill. They are already aware of the restrictions that have been placed in other American cities. This is one of the major reasons for their full support for a uniform law against plastic bags.

Ronald Fong from the California Grocers Association understands the support of the grocers for consistency in the law. Retailers would not want to be in a position, where they have to meet all the clauses, under the laws that have been passed by 70-85 different local ordinances. Fong agrees with the main goal of the bill. It is to protect the environment by reducing the hazards that are caused by improper disposal of plastic bags. Discarding plastic waste in water bodies and landfills poses a threat to the lives of fishes and birds, and increases waste production.

The bill has already crossed the first barrier. It has been passed on from a Senate environmental committee to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The concept of using reusable canvas bags has been supported by many people. This will be a great start to save the environment.


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