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printed bagsIn order to acknowledge the importance of Earth Day, the city council in San MateoCounty decided to launch its reusable bag ordinance on the 22nd of April, 2013. On Earth Day, San Mateo joined a large list of counties and cities that encourage their residents to use custom printed fabric bags instead of plastic bags. The council is hoping that this decision will benefit the county.

The details of the ordinance

According to the Director of the County’s Health System, Dean Peterson, a large percentage of the residents support the ban on plastic bags, and the council is happy to introduce the ban within the county. Peterson acknowledges the fact that the council is going to face difficulties in eliminating plastic bags from the county, as the residents are accustomed to using them. He stated that the implementation of the ordinance will take a long time. However, this ordinance will benefit the county in several ways in the coming years.

The reusable bag ordinance of the county, states that retailers will have to charge the residents at least 10 cents for each paper bag. These figures may vary from one retailer to another, and over a period of time the retailers are expected to charge the residents 25 cents for each paper bag. The council feels that a high charge will discourage the residents to use paper bags, so they are planning on increasing the paper bag charges at regular intervals.

The need to promote custom printed fabric bags over plastic bags

In the past few years, research has been conducted in order to study the impact of plastic bags on the environment, and on the health of the users. There are a lot of studies that prove that plastic bags have derogatory effects on the environment and on animals as well. In addition to this, plastic bags are non-biodegradable in nature and over a period of time they break down into small pieces. These pieces seep into the soil and they worsen the soil and underground water quality as well.

According to Peterson, reusable bags are an ideal replacement for plastic bags as they don’t have any derogatory impacts on the environment. However, he stated that the residents need to wash their reusable bags regularly in order to keep them free from infections. In addition to this, he has also advised the residents to use separate reusable bags for their grocery, fruits, and other purchases.


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