Custom Reusable Shopping Bags and Recycling Rates – Pasco County’s Focus in 2013

Reusable Shopping Bags
The need to change the blue bag recycling program

At present, the city council is considering a proposal wherein the residents will not have to buy blue bags in order to recycle their waste. As a matter of fact, the residents will be able to use their own cans to dispose their recyclables. The council has still not made a decision on this matter; however, the experts feel that if this proposal is approved, the residents will be motivated to participate in the voluntary recycling program.

According to experts, currently the recycling rates within the county are extremely low. Jennifer Seney, the coordinator for the county’s recycling program, states that the single family homes in the county only recycle 4 percent of their waste. These figures illustrate the fact that very few residents in the county participate in recycling activities. Furthermore, the residents who participate in recycling activities need to make a conscious effort to recycle more as well.

Experts feel that the residents don’t participate in the recycling activities of the county because they need to purchase blue bags which are expensive. Seney stated that, if the new proposal is passed, and the residents are allowed to use any container to dispose their waste and recyclables, the recycling rates will automatically rise. This is because this method will make the entire recycling procedure convenient for the residents, and they won’t have to spend additional money to recycle their waste.

Pasco city council officials also promote custom reusable shopping bags

To motivate the residents to participate in the recycling activities, the city council is also propagating other eco-friendly items among them. Keeping in mind the impact that plastic bags have in waste generation by regular households, experts are encouraging residents to use custom reusable shopping bags. If the residents incorporate eco-friendly items in their daily lifestyles, the waste generation in their homes will automatically go down, and thus they will be able to manage their waste in a better way. This is the reason why the city council officials are promoting eco-friendly lifestyles among the residents.


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