Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Wholesale and Recycling Performance in North Carolina

shoppingIt has been found that the various counties in the North Carolina region have mixed performance scores in terms of recycling. While there are many causes that can be attributed to these differences, experts feel that the slow growth of the economy might be a prominent cause behind the disparity in the recycling figures in these counties.

The recycling rates in counties

According to reports, counties such as Randolph and Davidson slightly improved their recycling rates, but the Guilford County witnessed a major drop in its recycling rates. According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in North Carolina, the Guilford County was ranked 8th in the recycling list of 2011, but in the 2012 list, it was ranked 17th. When the county was ranked 8th, its per-person recycling rate was 212 pounds, but at present, the county’s recycling rate is 180 pounds per person.

According to the Assistant Director of Public Services in High Point, Richard McMillian, the recycling rates within the counties have dropped due to the slow economic growth in the region. McMillian feels that people choose to recycle their wastes at longer intervals, as they want to save up on money, and they also have lesser items to recycle as they have not made a lot of purchases in the past year.

McMillian states that the curbside recycling programs within the state have improved drastically, so if the residents wish to recycle their waste, they can do it very easily. He also states that once the economic condition of the counties stabilizes, the recycling rates in these cities will also increase, as the residents will recycle their waste at regular intervals.

Encouraging residents to recycle and use custom reusable shopping bags wholesale

McMillian stated that the residents need to be pushed to recycle more and to adopt eco-friendly practices such as using custom reusable shopping bags wholesale. The percentage of electrical items being sent to recycling centers in various counties has decreased by 10 percent. According to McMillian, new recycling campaigns need to be launched within these counties so as to encourage the residents to recycle. He feels that if the county councils take the initiative, they can easily increase the recycling rates within their regions. But he also stated that the economic conditions of the counties need to improve for this change to take place.


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