Customized Plastic Bags Turned into Artwork in a School in Winston-Salem

creativeA middle school in Winston-Salem region organized an interesting event to promote recycling among its students. During this event, the teachers used an art project to make the students understand the side-effects of using plastic. This event was hosted by the school authorities to celebrate Earth Day with the students.

The details of the art project

This art event was organized by Danielle Tarmey and Yvonne Leab, art teachers of the school. Both of them teach students in the sixth grade and they organized this art event to make their students understand the importance of Earth Day and recycling. The art project created by the class focused on plastic pollution, and the students designed reusable bags for the project.

According to Tarmey, during the art classes, the students were educated on the side-effects of using customized plastic bags in their day-to-day routine. After having understood the disadvantages of using single-use plastic bags, Tarmey asked the students to design reusable bags of their choice so as to promote their usage.

The side-effects of using customized plastic bags

According to Tarmey, the students were given a presentation where in they were informed about the derogatory impacts of plastic bags. The students were asked to find information on the impact of plastic bags on the environment and various ecosystems. The teachers guided their research, and all the students were asked to write down all their observations.

Tarmey stated that the students used their research in designing their reusable bags, and it also helped them in understanding the concept of plastic pollution. She feels that students should be engaged in more practical projects like this art event, as these events give them an opportunity to explore the topic in a more personalized and detailed manner.

The school authorities are very pleased with the reusable bags that the students have made, and they are going to sell these bags for $10 each. When the bags are sold to the customer, the latter will also be given a letter by the student who has designed the bag. This letter will contain the research that the student has conducted, and it will also contain the personal address of the student so that the customer can reply to him or her. The money that will be collected from the sale of these reusable bags will be used to sponsor other research-oriented projects within the school.


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