Customized Shopping Bags Raise Concerns for Some Experts

Apple Goes GreenMany states within the US have banned single-use plastic bags in their premises in the past two or three years. Initially, this ban was welcomed by experts as well as the residents. However, at present, many experts feel that reusable bags or customized shopping bags have derogatory effects on the health of the shoppers.

Bag bans in the US

In 2007, the authorities in San Francisco banned the usage of plastic bags within the city. The authorities stated that these bags have derogatory effects on the marine life, and pollute the water bodies surrounding the city. The authorities also stated that plastic bags are made using too much oil. As the years passed by, many other US states, cities, and counties agreed with the San Francisco authorities and banned plastic bags as well. Some of them included Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Apart from the city officials and governmental bodies, these bans were supported by several environmentalists and NGO groups. As a matter of fact, some celebrities promoted reusable shopping bags over plastic bags as well.

Customized shopping bags – a concern for experts

Even though reusable bags are supported by many individuals, several reports suggest that they can have harmful effects on the health of the users. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, a reusable bag caused diarrhea in 9 girls who were about to take part in a soccer tournament. In the year 2011, four experts examined reusable bags in Arizona and California, and concluded that around 51 percent of the bags in these regions had coliform bacteria in them. This study suggests that reusable bags have the potential to cause physical illnesses to the individuals who use them.

At present, many experts have raised concerns over the usage of reusable bags. Joshua Wright, a professor from George Mason University, and Jonathan Klick, a professor from the University of Pennsylvania, feel that reusable bags have the potential to cause many food-borne diseases. According to these professors, regular washing and maintenance of these bags does not nullify the threat that they pose on the user’s health. Therefore, the state authorities should reconsider their stand on the compulsory usage of these bags.

Governmental agencies request residents to maintain their reusable bags

Even though experts have expressed their concerns with regard to reusable bags, the governmental agencies in the US still continue to promote them. The authorities feel that if the residents wash these bags regularly, and dispose them at the right time, they won’t be susceptible to illnesses. So they still think that reusable bags are an appropriate alternative to single-use plastic bags.


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