Earth Day Celebrations by Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Group in Washington

eco friendlyWashington D.C. will celebrate its first Earth Day on Sunday, the 21st of April, thanks to Broccoli City Fest that will be held at DC Fairgrounds. This event, organized by Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Group, is an attempt to encourage city dwellers to lead a more environment-friendly way of life.

An eco-friendly event in Washington 

While Washington has already proven its initiative in promoting a green lifestyle, there are still significant areas of the city that are deprived of healthy, local, and reasonably priced food items. The organizers of this eco-friendly event want to use the festival to spread the message of eco-friendly lifestyle throughout the city.

The BC Fest will be held on the 21st of April, from 12 o’clock in the afternoon to 8 pm and is open to adults. Apart from attending 12 musical concerts involving artists like Tittsworth, Big K.R.I.T., Black Alley, and JMSN, attendees can participate in demonstrations on cooking, fitness and Yoga classes conducted by an organization named Sweat Everyday, a donation appeal for Sneakers, and even visit a vendor market. The vendor market will offer a variety of organic products, food, and drinks that can be bought by customers. The event area will be renamed as Broccoli City Park, and event participants can spend time lounging on the benches or the grass in the area.

The Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle team plans to join hands with The Green Scheme and Dreaming Out Loud so as to provide access to low-cost, healthy food in economically backward neighborhoods in the days leading upto the event, to increase awareness and help challenged communities.

Company encouraging the use of eco friendly promotional items

Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle is a group that uses media as a platform to raise environmental, health, social, and sustainability issues. It makes creative use of mediums like fashion, music, art, and culture to help the urban community relate to these issues, thereby helping to empower, encourage, and improve the community. This company aims to overcome the obstacles that prevent access of healthy and cost-effective food options in underprivileged pockets of urban communities. This is based on observations that following a healthy diet and lifestyle can help reduce the occurrence of diseases experienced by urban communities.

The team at Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle is hoping that an event like the BC Fest will promote dialogue between various communities residing in Washington, and give all people an opportunity to know about eco friendly promotional items. Organizers hope to make the urban residents understand the potential for economic growth in urban farming so that they can help build healthy neighborhoods in the city.


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