Eco Friendly Bags Wholesale Promoted in Santa Fe

organicA much-awaited amendment has been approved via an ordinance that was passed by the Quality of Life Committee and the city’s business community in Santa Fe. This ordinance will effectively ban the single-handed use of plastic bags throughout the province. The stores will be therefore eligible to charge at least a minimum amount of 10 cents for the sale of organic or plastic bags. This new ordinance will help promote the wholesale of eco friendly bags in the city effective immediately.

The Prospective Future of Ban on Commercial Plastic Bags

As mentioned earlier, all single-use bags and sacs generally used in departmental stores will be banned and replaced by eco friendly reusable bags. However, smaller bags made of plastic and used for carrying produce will be still allowed. This concept has been adopted upon the failure of the precursor idea which would have led to the taxation of grocery bags in the past.

Political Debate over the Ban of Plastic Bags and Promotion of Eco Friendly Bags Wholesale

The Chairperson of the Committee, Rebecca Wurzburger, said that the amendment was due since a long time and she intends to walk all the way through with this in order to ensure a cleaner and eco friendly environment in the city. Rebecca Wurzburger mentions that the amendment is being accused of being wrong or indifferent, but she takes a stand to support it for the greater good. Simon Brackley, who is the President of the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Santa Fe, says that the usage of such bags should be voluntarily accepted by the community instead. He argued that the ordinance passed on the ban of plastic bags will affect the financial condition of the city and suggested that this is not the right time to have passed it.

The other aspect of the ordinance is the eco friendly bags wholesale promotion which should be undertaken by the city’s Environmental Services Division. Wholesale production of cheap and reusable eco friendly bags is essentially required for the acceptance of the new ordinance in motion now. The initial cost to buy good quality reusable bags is estimated to be at least 90 cents per bag, which will create a huge burden on the budget of the city. The best possible way to bring about this change is to associate with environment-conscious companies to sponsor the purchase of these bags in the initial phases till a production unit is set up.


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