Eco-friendly Flowers for Mother’s Day in Florida

mother's dayWith sustainability becoming a universal craze, Sweetbay is doing something unique this mother’s day. They are selling sustainable eco-friendly flowers at 72 Sweetbay stores in Florida. They are also selling flowers nationwide online. This could be a good mother’s day gift, along with being environmentally-friendly.

Sweetbay’s collaboration with

Sweetbay is a Tampa-based company. They sell flowers, roses, and bouquets in partnership with They use the label of True Green for their business. Flowers are imported from overseas certified farms located in Colombia, California, and Ecuador. They neither use harmful chemicals nor pesticides. They maintain impeccable workplace standards. was founded in 2001. The company works with several certified growers. There are several certification agencies, the leading ones among them are the Rain Forest Alliance, Veriflora, and Florverde. The growers are certified by one of them. The business synergy explains the way these two companies are spreading their wings with the promise of eco-friendly flowers.

Eco-friendly promotional items in the flower industry

The flower industry is getting highly competitive. Only those flower companies that can promise the use of eco-friendly promotional items can hope to survive the tough competition. Sweetbay is an exception among many flower companies, because they do not use flowers grown with excessive use of pesticides or where human rights violations are implicated. Farms owned by the companies are subjected to annual audit for use of banned chemicals.

Many customers are beginning to be aware and they want to know the source or origin of the flowers they purchase. Since the grocery stores are highly competitive, consumers do not have to pay anything extra for eco-friendly flowers.

Flowers become hugely important at around this time of mother’s day, because flowers are what everyone wants to give their mothers. The sale of flowers during this time has surpassed other festivals such as Valentine’s Day or even Easter.

The label True Green was introduced by Sweetbay only months ago. They will most probably have their flowers certified, which means they will get the credential for having grown all their flowers sustainably. Online orders for flowers to Sweetbay are forwarded to The latter is the company that handles all the orders nationwide.

Eco-friendly flowers reflect an upsurge in demand for organic and sustainable produce. Growers that focus on reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides can hope to survive in this demanding market. Although many people would want to buy flowers grown in America, yet they can take consolation in the fact that only certified flowers from South America are delivered to them.


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