Eco-friendly Movie Screening by Recycle Utah

Recycle UtahRecycle Utah screens a documentary every year to create public awareness towards environmental issues that are becoming a matter of daily concern. This year, a fun documentary on waste reduction, called ‘The Clean Bin Project’, was screened at the Santy Auditorium in Park City Library on the 13th of February. The documentary was about a couple who attempts to spend a year free of waste.

Movie screening by Recycle Utah

The movie was interesting, and imparted education on how to avoid garbage creation. Recycle Utah screens movies themed around environmental protection every year. The movies have been taken well by the public too. Last year, Recycle Utah screened a film by name ‘Into Eternity’ that focused on the nuclear waste issue. The $5 fee collected from each person in the audience is utilized for the purpose of donation.

Prior to the screening program, the staff conducted a question-answer session enabling the viewers to win recycled goodies. At the event, the viewers were provided with stainless steel reusable water bottles instead of the plastic ones. After the movie, a brief session on the recycling options available in everyday life was organized.

The staff stressed upon leading a waste-free life and how individual contribution can lead to a green living. Recycle Utah requested the viewers to bring all their recyclable materials and promised to take care of 90% of garbage reduction in SummitCounty.

‘The Clean Bin Project’ – encouraging eco friendly promotional items

The Clean Bin Project is about a couple, Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer, from Canada who are on a pursuit to spend a year without making any waste. This normally is hard to follow. One of the scenes depicts Jenny looking for cheese that is not wrapped in plastic while shopping for grocery. The movie shows such everyday incidents where it is hard to completely eliminate trash and use eco friendly promotional items. The project also threw light on the issue that consumers mostly accept trash of any kind, connected to medicines and grocery because there is no alternative. A sorry fact that was thrown up in the project was that about 97% of the garbage is usually trash and only a 3% could actually be recycled.

The project then provided tips on how to reduce the trash from four pounds a day to four pounds a year. It emphasized on the need to recycle goods such as fiber and paper products, cans, water bottles, and containers.

Recycle Utah also brought out the fact that SummitCounty has been lucky enough to be a part of the curbside recycling system that segregates the recyclable materials for them.


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