Eco-friendly Packaging from Chez Marie

environmental friendlyEco friendly promotional items are attracting more attention from brands these days. Chez Marie has recently made efforts to be greener in their approach in order to appeal to the people who want a more sustaining life. Not only are their vegetarian burger patties gluten-free, but the packaging of these patties are also completely recyclable.

Eco-friendly packaging by the company

Chez Marie’s foods are already eco-friendly and don’t contain any GMOs or gluten. Recently, in an attempt to catch the attention of the vegetarians, Chez Marie has introduced completely recyclable packaging for their vegan patties. They found out that the re-sealable ends of food packages cannot be made of recyclable plastic. For this reason, their new packages do not even have re-sealable ends. Also, these packages are lighter than their conventional counterparts, since they do not have the inner layer of cellophane, which is common in other food packages.

Chez Marie is of the view that going greener would appeal more to the vegetarians. On a bigger picture, Chez Marie also intends to appeal to the people who are not completely vegetarian, but would prefer a more wholesome lifestyle. They refer to these people as the “flexitarians”. Previously, there were only a few health food stores across the country, which would be interested in such eco friendly promotional items. But now, owing to the rise in health consciousness, the largest departmental ones as well as the small specialist health stores are all interested in selling, or at least knowing more, about such products.

Chez Marie’s COO – Shelley Gunton – made these products public at a natural products exhibition in California. The new packages also inform the customers that these patties can not only be used in burgers, but also in a lot of other recipes that are mentioned on Chez Marie’s website. All in all, Chez Marie is really making an effort to make their whole outlook eco-friendly – not only with health foods, but also with the use of bio-degradable packaging for those foods.

Benefits of using eco friendly promotional items in packaging

Traditional plastic packaging is being replaced rapidly by recyclable packaging these days, and that is not without reason. Eco-friendly packaging has a lot of benefits over plastic. Plastic packaging tends to be bigger than is actually required for packing the food items. Some manufacturers think that this will make the product look bigger and hence attract more customers. But this is not the case. Most customers become disappointed if they don’t find adequate material inside. This is a poor driver for customer loyalty. Reducing the packaging material also indicates a reduction on production costs. And of course, there are the environment-friendly factors of being able to reuse the packaging material and reduce the burden on landfills.


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