Eco-friendly Pizza Truck in New York

eco friendly truckNew York’s first compressed natural gas powered food truck was recently unveiled by Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, and T. Boone Pickens, the oil magnate. The truck, called Neapolitan Express, is launched by Neapolitan and its partner Clean Energy Fuels, and serves food like margherita and marinara pizzas, apart from other dough based items.

A unique pizza truck

This first-of-a-kind pizza truck houses an Italian, hand-built oven that heats up to 900 degrees, which helps in cooking pizzas in as less as 90 seconds. Yet the greenhouse gases generated by this truck are three quarters less than trucks that run on diesel and gasoline. Its carbon emissions would be lower than any other food truck in operation. Its owners hope that this truck would set off a new trend of sustainability in food trucks. Neapolitan trucks are an eco-friendly way of offering great pizzas that use ingredients of high quality at an extremely reasonable price. Because of its mobility, the truck would be able to offer its wares to a cross-section of New York population with a zero carbon footprint due to the use of natural gas.

The need to promote eco friendly promotional items in America

Using natural gas as a fuel in vehicles offers a number of advantages over traditionally used fuels like gasoline or diesel. Recent studies by reputed organizations have shown that use of natural gas can reduce greenhouse emissions by 20 to 30 %, as compared to gasoline or diesel. Natural gas is cheaper than diesel or gas, making it cost-effective to run a vehicle powered with natural gas. It is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, and its increased use can significantly help in reducing pollution levels. This is because natural gas contains lesser carbon as compared to any other fossil fuel, thus releasing lesser CO2 into the atmosphere.

Fuel systems based on CNG (compressed natural gas) are firmly sealed, and hence no evaporative emissions are produced by them. Natural gas can be generated locally, and help in decreasing dependence on foreign countries for the country’s oil needs. Because natural gas is abundantly available and produced domestically, it is an option that contributes towards energy security. Another advantage of using natural gas is that it contributes towards energy sustainability. Also, because natural gas rises and dissipates rapidly, any leak or emergency spilling does not adversely affect the environment, water, and ecosystem. Thus, there is a need to encourage the use of natural gas and eco friendly promotional items in the US so as to keep the environment clean and green.

Bullet for FB: Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled America’s first compressed natural gas powered food truck. Launched by Neapolitan, and powered by Clean Energy Fuels, this truck is hoping to spark a trend towards eco-friendly ways of conducting business.


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