Eco Friendly Promotional Items Preferred in Philadelphia

Promotional ItemsWhat if you could help the Earth stay green by residing in a “green home”? Marco Bitran is one such home builder who believes in making houses with eco friendly promotional items. He is a graduate from MIT, Bitran and a builder working for a company which manages and develops multi-dwelling real estate.

The concept of “green home”

While people are aware of recycling and eco friendly items, not many know about the concept of a green home. These eco friendly homes make use of recyclable materials which gives them the tag. The advantage of these houses is that in spite of being nature friendly, they do not restrict themselves in terms of design and construction.

Marco highlights an article published in Design Build Source which suggests few recyclable materials that can be used for building an eco friendly house. He mentions that though a number of recycled materials can be used for building houses, there are some in particular that appeal to him. Some of them are shipping containers, plastic bottles, tires, reclaimed wood, and pallets. He also adds that people who recycle items may be aware of this concept but the article will give them a detailed idea about how extensively these materials can be used.

The article gives details about how these items can help in building not just rustic buildings but also contemporary building designs. They can be well incorporated with new materials too. These recycled materials are at times left in their original degraded form which gives a touch of the past and focuses on the green architectural design. When they are incorporated with new building materials, they are processed in a way that leaves no marks of their origin. He suggests that people can look at the pictures of these houses published in Design Build and get an idea of how they can be easily applied to any kind of architectural style.

Cost effectiveness of eco friendly promotional items

He also explains the cost effectiveness of these recycled items. Ecological houses that make use of tires in their construction are called “Earthships”. These can be explained as passive solar houses which are constructed from recycled and natural materials. The tires help in keeping the temperature inside the house constant even when the temperature outside fluctuates.

Recycled and natural building materials are not just low in cost but also effective. Though homeowners can find out more about these houses by themselves, it will be beneficial if the construction industry implements and promotes it on a larger scale.


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