Eco-friendly Renovations at Kellogg House

Non-Woven Totes Filled with GiftsThe Victorian style Kellogg House at Williams College is set to be renovated according to international eco-friendly standards by fall 2014, if the renovation plan is successfully met. A committee of 20 students and staff are currently working to ensure that this building becomes the first renovated Living Building. All the other buildings that have the status of a Living Building have been constructed so that they meet this standard.

The need to renovate the Kellogg

Kellogg is among the oldest wood frame structures within the campus. It had to be shifted several times to make room for new buildings. Currently vacant and located near Stetson-Sawyer, it may likely move again before renovations. Earlier, this building housed the Center for Environmental Studies and will likely house the same department (CES) and the Zilkha Center after the renovations. While the Kellogg House built in 1794 was renovated several times in the past, the eco-friendly renovation this time promises to retain its historic character. The major characteristic of the eco-friendly renovation is that the structure and surroundings are expected to enhance the environment.

The strict Living Building qualifications will ensure that eco friendly promotional items are used in the renovation of this structure. The building will use photovoltaic cells to produce as much energy as it consumes. Additionally, rain water will be harvested to meet all the water needed by the building. The space outside the building will have at least two gardens for vegetables, fruit, and nut trees. Approximately, a quarter of the external space will be dedicated to the greenery which includes the gardens. The materials used in the construction will be non-toxic, and the building will be small in size and efficient.

Students excited about the use of eco friendly promotional items

The students are enthusiastic about the project because of the use of extensive eco friendly promotional items so as to meet the strict LivingBuilding qualifications. A committee of students along with staff and faculty are already at the forefront of the renovation plan seeking to ensure that the sewage, power, heating, water and the other infrastructural needs are addressed in an eco friendly manner. Although the compelling need to meet the Living Building standards will be costlier than the traditional renovation, the students and alumni are determined to ensure the success of the project at any cost.

The class of 1966 is particularly enthusiastic about the project. They came forward with the offer of financial support to cover expenses as part of their 50th reunion gift, when it became apparent that the fund allocated for the project was not sufficient. The donors have the freedom to make specifications about the building in return of their support.


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